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GenBoard v3.3

GenBoard v3.3 PCB (+rescue kit included).

soldered on:

  • AVR and oscillator
  • Low-Dropout regulator (5V supply)
  • Max232 for RS232 communication
  • filters for sensorinputs (TPS, CLT, MAT, MAP, VBATT...)
  • 2 ch digitally controlled WBO2 circuit without the heater FET (see FQPF.. item) . The 2nd channel can be used for NBO2 for convenience on a car where superior LSU4 sensor not yet mounted for some reason (or 2nd channel WBO2 by soldering R103, a 75k resistor included in the rescue-kit)
  • MCP3208 (fast 12bit precision 8ch ADC above 8ch of AVR)
  • LCD interface with separate (mounted) voltage regulator (note: the LCD is separate item)
  • PS2 keyboard interface (1*4 header, no PS2 connector)
  • SPI interface (for CAN, MMC addon)
  • TPIC6A259 (8 * 350mA driver outputs) onboard
  • 1 LM1815 (VR InputTrigger) and small parts onboard for both channels (see LM1815 item if you want 2 VR inputs)
  • 4*MC33151D FETdrivers onboard (supports highZ or lowZ)
  • place for 8 injector FETs (TO220) (note: see the separate FQPF.. item for FETs )
  • place for 8 ignition IGBTs (TO220) (note: see the separate Ignition IGBT item)
  • place for 2 extra DPAK switches (note: see the separate DPAK IGBT .. item for FETs )
  • place for stepper driver (4*1A), see the Stepper kit
  • 16 SMB diodes mounted at the flyback section. PowerFlyback can be applied (see "Output drivers"), or just a wire for low voltage flyback.

The rescue kit includes about 50 small components that help customizing the circuit (resistors, capacitors diodes), especially for adding custom amplifiers around the mid-OPA and doing other optional customizations.

NOT INCLUDED, but you probably need some of these (check the other items in the shop):

  • You will need some Injector/WBO2 Driver FETs: 1 for each injector or injection bank (if running batched injection) and 1 for each WBO2 channel (+spares).
  • For onboard ignition (not external module like EDIS or HEI), you will need Ignition Driver IGBTs, 1 for each coil (+any spares).
  • To measure MAP, you will need 2.5 bar MAP sensor MPX4250AP unless you already have a compatible sensor or you use GenBoard for other applications.
  • The idle motor stepper driver.
  • The Econoseal36-PCB and Econoseal18-PCB connectors are not included, they are separate items. Even though they are on the picture!
  • CNC-ed Alubos frontplate is recommended for Econoseal solution (not available anywhere else)
  • CND-ed Alubos endplate is recommended. At least 1 if you ordered Econoseal solution + frontplate, and 2 if you will install with custom connector.
  • The LCD is nice in most applications.
  • Temperature sensors for measuring MAT, CLT, K-thermocouple cold junction or in ECM case.
  • Unipolar hall sensor TLE4905L for magnetic trigger is often useful.

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